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The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle, Best Feature , Fran Burst-Terranella

Safe Harbor Amsterdam -Best First Feature Film Award, Jack Luceno  

The Algebra of Need - Best Experimental Feature, David Williams

The World of Which we Dream Doesn't Exist - Best Experimental Foreign Feature, Ayoub Qanir

Promises - Best Romance Feature, Melody Brooke and Michael Henricks

Lend a Hand- Best Foreign Comedy Feature, Raffaella Covino

Spent- Best Feature Comedy, Lisa Mikitarian

Mafiosa - Best Feature Action Film, Yusaku Mizoguchi and Veronica Russo

Is This Now – Best Musical Feature, Joe Scott

SFashion - Best Foreign Horror Feature, Mauro John Capece, Giuseppe Lepore

Nephilim - Best Animation Feature, Danny Wilson

Torments of Love - Best Foreign Feature,  Caroline Jules

URVI​ - Best Foreign Feature Producer , Airier Drreams

Unmarked - Best Young Filmmaker , Alec Ybarra

Back to '97 - Best Foreign Youth Feature Film, Zeca Brito, Leo Garcia

Jungle Book 2016 CC - Best Web/New Media Feature

Documentary Feature:

Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal -Best Feature Documentary: Women Rights Subject, Brishkay Ahmed

All Love Schmidt - Best Foreign Documentary, Lars PapeDirector, Holger Schuermann

Hoda's Story - Best inspirational Feature Documentary, Johan Eriksson

Short Films

(A)utomated (I)rritation - Best Short Story, Bo Liebman

Journey Notes - Best Foreign Short Story, Andrea Natale

Emmott & Rowland - Best Historical Short, Aneel Ahmad

The Example - Best Short Historical Fiction, Wyatt Cagle, Gordon S. Williams, Kenneth Dupuis

New Neighbors - Best Short Film,  E.G. Bailey, Sha Cage

Brutal Best Foreign Drama Short, Hoseung Lee

The Eve - Best Experimental Short, Luca Machnich

Believers - Best Original Short Story, Stephen M. Hunt

A big Love - Best Foreign Short, Max Chicco

Reuben - Best Short Drama Student , Kaisania Calubaquib

Fresh Choppuccino​ - Best High School Student Film , Anthony Cintron

Cheaters - Best Short Foreign Comedy, Jarrad Bhatia

The Love Suckers Best Short Comedy, Jim Politano

Invisible Eyes - Best Foreign Short Student, Gustavo Sani

No Sunday West of Newton - Best Western Short, Spencer Cameron

Switch - Best Short Student, Robin Wan

The Barber's Cut - Best Short Horror Comedy, Mark Brocking

Redshift - Best SciFi/Futuristic Short , Benjamin Crane

Triangle - Best SciFi Short, Christopher Fox

Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning - Best Short Animation Story , DaCosta Bayley

Freaktown - Best Foreign Short Animation, Diana Cruz Gonzalez

The Family Blend! - Best Short Animation, Sebastian Foxworth

Memoire - Best Animation Short Student, Collin McAtee

Extinguished - Best Animation Short Student, Ashley Anderson & Jacob Mann

Mum, I'm back - Best LGBT Short Foreign, Dimitris Katsimiris

Bereavement - Best Foreign Short Drama, Yolanda Roman

Identification - Best Foreign Short Film Producer, Julia Deak

4242 - Best Student Short, Sara Eustaquio

Documentaries & Experimentals:

Surviving International Boulevard: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking-Best Short Documentary/

Social subject , Sian Taylor Gowan

The Great Outdoors...​ - Best Sports Documentary, Jerry Kelleher

From State Prisoner To State Professor​ - Best inspirational Documentary, Joshua Jackson

My Name is Joan - Best Short Documentary, Margaret Stapor Costa

Alchemy​ - Best Short Domestic Experimental, Brandon Polanco,  Ian Kevin Scott

Not Waving - Best Experimental Foreign Short, Freya Billingto

PM 2.5​ - Best Foreign Environmental Subject Short, Piotr Biedroń

Sisi Ni Mashujaa - Best Foreign Short Ethnographical Documentary, Juan Jaume Fernandez 

The Underwater Forest - Best Ecological Short Documentary, Ben Raines

Webisode/New Media:

The Family Blend! - Best Web & New Media, Short Animation, Sebastian Foxworth

The Superhost - Best Foreign  Short Web / New Media , Britta Thie

anexperimentalviralvlog - Best Short Video Art / Web / New Media , Vasco Diogo

Tv /Music Video:

The Old Man by Indigorado - Best Foreign Music Video, Kenneth Aakerland Berg

My Help - Best Religious Music Video, Darlene TINA Batten

Forty Miles to Macon - Best Documentarial Music Video, Daniel Espeut, Tyler Goforth

Food To Ate - Best Experimental Music Video, Randy Huling

The Theater - Best Trailer, Paul Pastore

New York 2150 - Best TV Pilot, Harry Assouline

Miss Winn's Garden - Best Television Short Director, Shanalyna C. Palmer



Dakota Caves - 2 Miles​ - Best Short Screenplay, Robert J. Rogers

Farewell Cinema​ - Best Short Foreign Screenplay, Reinhard J. Steiner

Breathless - Best Short Story , Anaiis Cisco

Never Too Late - Best Screen Play Short/Web Series/TV/Treatment, Bryan Whorton

Twirling At Ole Miss​ - Best Comedy Short Screenplay, John M Tyson

Santa Klawn - Best Horror Feature Screenplay, Jeffrey Lee DuPree

Mea Culpa​ - Best Television Screenplay, Leonard Nannarone

American Snake Pit - Best Historical Screenplay, Dan Tomasulo

Cast & Acting

Pajero (The Wanker:) - Best Actor Short Film,  Javier Chueca 

The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle -  Best Actress,  April Billingsley

Spent- Best Actor in Feature film, Nick Nerangis

Alchemy - Best Actor in Short Film,  Ian Kevin Scott

116 - Best Actress in Short film, Julia Campanelli 

BelieversBest Foreign Actress , Allison O'Flynn

GOOD'n Screwed - Best Supporting Actress, Suzanne H. Smart

Triangle - Best Supporting Actress, Margo Goodman

Apples for Bullies - Best Youth Actress , Abigail Friend

Listen - Best Foreign Youth Actor, Mathieu Denesle

Good 'n Screwed - Best Ensemble Cast , Short

Safe Harbour Amsterdam, Best Ensemble Cast,  Feature

Editing, Cinematography, Sound

A big Love - Best Editing in Foreign film, Max Chicco

Crime Confidential - Best Foreign Short Editing, Julian Lim, Julia Van Der Hoeven

The Madame in Black - Best Editing, Short,

Spent- Best Editor, Jeff Herberger, Erik Kristopher Myers

Triangle - Best Sound Design, Christopher Fox

​Five Minutes with Mary - Best Soundtrack

The Barber's Cut - Best Art Direction, Mark Brocking

Lend a Hand - Best Costume design 

The Madame in Black - Best Cinematography in Foreign Short,  Jarno Lee Vinsencius

A big Love - Best Cinemotography, Short

Torments of Love - Best Feature Cinematography, Stéphane Patti


Directing & Producing

The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle - Best Women Director ,Fran Burst-Terranella

GOOD'n Screwed - Best women filmmaker in short screenwriting, Joanna Bonaro

Forward - Best Women Theme Short film, Cole Sax

The Lighthouse - Best Short Young Filmmaker ,Mark Leschinsky

The Final Barrier - Best Foreign Feature Director, Jasmin Durakovic

Listen - Best Foreign Director, Short, Niko Mikadze

Spent – Best Producer , Lisa Mikitarian

Another Day - Best Short Director Drama, Marc Lyon Galang

Here Again​ - Best Veteran Director, Foreign Short, Robin Brockman

Pajero (The Wanker:) - Best Director Foreign Short Comedy, Aitor Gonzalez Iturbe  

Creatures of Whitechapel - Best Student Filmmaker, Jonathan Martin

We Are Friends - Best Domestic Short Animation Producer 

Video Art

anexperimentalviralvlog - Best Short Video Art

VOICES - Best Experimental Video Art, Alberto Nacci

Imaginary Novels - Best Video Art Animation, Nancy Gifford

Sacred And Profane Faceless Jacks - Best Video Art-Live Action, Vagabond Beaumont

New Song - Best Virtual Reality, Kate Gardner



Balloon Ride - Grand Jury Award, Best  Short  Animation, Evan Hughes

The Buzzing of a Bumblebee - Grand Jury Student Film Award, Vladimir Beldian

The blind side - Grand Jury, First Short Film Award, David Manzi

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures: Grand Jury Award, Feature Film

The Conspiracy Project - Grand Jury Award Short Screenplay , Sarah McKinnon

Is This Now - Grand Jury Award Feature Screenplay, Joe Scott

My Pretty Pony - Best Foreign Short , Maciej Barczewski



Five Minutes with Mary  Honorable Mention Short , Matt Beurois

The shortest are always the best! - Honorable Mention Foreign Short Fiction, Daniel Jenny

January - Honorable Mention - Script writing, Craig Pospisil

It Plays Like Love - Honorable Mention Feature Film, Jeremy Waltman, Adam Lucas

Pompeii, Oregon - Honorable Mention-Feature Animation, Mark Andres

Four Journeys - Honorable Mention Feature Documentary, Teresa Mular

The Dream/in Space - Honorable Mention - Video Art - Animation, Eva Ingolf

The Scope of Seperation - Honorable Mention Foreign Feature Film, Yue Chen, Weilin Wang,  Kun Fu

The Queen - Honorable Mention - Short Fantasy, Hugo Teugels

Pittari - Honorable Mention - Short Animation, Patrick Smith

Requembarren - Honorable Mention - Foreign Experimental Short, Roman Rubert

Darker - Honorable Mention - Short Horror, Alex Torres

Eileen - Honorable Mention - Feature Screenplay, Elizabeth Samaroo     

The Global Fund - Honorable Mention, Short Screenplay, Josep Colomer    

Long Yearning - Honorable Mention Foreign Short Experimental Documentary, Elliot Spencer

a la mémoire de Lune - Honorable Mention Short

Becoming Lucy - Honorable Mention Short Drama

HELL OF A NEW YEAR - Best Honorable Mention Short Horror

Back Page Ripper - Honorable Mention Short, Stephen Rutterford 

Sisters' Sunday Funday! - Honorable Mention - Short Experimental Film, Storm Garner

Kaddish! - Honorable Mention - Musical Short Comedy, Emeline Castaneda

Jetty Cats - Honorable Mention, Mid lenght Feature Documentary

New Neighbors -Honorable Mention- Best Actress, Sha Cage

Only 15 percent of Award Winning Films will be screened at the festival.

Please see our screening list.

If you or your representative cannot attend the award ceremony to receive your award, We will be sending all awards after the festival & ceremony by mail.

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