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OCTAV Best Feature, Serge Ioan Celebidachi

SINGLE PALM TREE - Best Experimental Foreign Feature,  Puthiyavan Rasiah 

ELEVEN ELEVEN - Best Romance-Comedy Feature, Chris Redish

THE LAST DIVIDE - Best Feature Action Film, Paul Kimball

GT STUBBY - An Unlikely Hero - Best Animation Feature, Richard Lanni

JOURNEY TO HOPE - Best inspirational Feature Documentary, Anita Kruse

DARK IRON- Best Foreign Feature, Jerzy Bojanowski

9-22- Best Animation Feature, Bamdad Bahar

& - Best Experimental Feature, Cedric van Eenoo

ONE,TWO,GUESS WHO'S WHO- Best First Feature Film Award, System

VANDETTA GAMES- Best Crime & Thriller Feature, Andre Joseph

FEELING YOU- Best Foreign Romance-Fantasy Feature, Yuez Zeng


HIROFUMI’S SUITCASE - Best Foreign Short, Natasja Pattipeilohy

NANA’S ROOM - Best Short Story, Mitch Roberson

TEN THOUSAND CAMELS - Best Short Film, Kent Flaagan

ABOUT PATIENCE - Best Foreign Drama Short, Till Gmuer

RIVERS - Best Experimental Short, Graciela Cassel

THE WAITING ROOM - Best Short Script  Debra Markowitz

REPLACING YOSHI - Best Short Drama Student, Alec Cohen

THE ROOT OF HAPPINES - Best Short, First time filmmaker, Andy Truschinski

QUANDARY - Best Short Comedy, Tom Soter, Christian Doherty

THE SALESMAN - Best Short Fantasy, Richard Corso

LIMBO - Best Experimental-SciFi Short, Gokce Erenmemisoglu

FAT FOUGHT - Best Short Animation Story, Nancy Marshall

HARLS - Best Short Animation, Kenzie Sutton

CRIMINALS- Best SciFi/Futuristic Short, Gabrielle Hawkins

LEAVING MALCOLM- Best Short Student, Lucas Ruderman

THE LONG WET GRASS- Best Historical Short, Justin Davey

THE HUN- Best Short Student Narrative, Tyler Mendelson


FLOWERS OF MARRAKECH - Best Short Documentary/Social subject, Yuntong Man

The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market - Best Short inspirational Documentary, Russell Brown

GASLIGHT - Best Short Dance Experimental, Mimi Garrard

ANUMASA - Best Historical Documentary Short, Adam Thomason


BROKERS - Best Web & New Media, Talya Klein

LET’S LOVE - Best Foreign  Short Web/New Media, Cláudio Pitanga

TEAM MARS - Best Short  Web/New Media, Steve O'Reilly, Andy Ferguson, Damien Drake

PIGS IN A BOWL-Best Comedy Webisode, Emmitt Thrower


BIKE SONG - Best Music Video, Andrea Morgan, Matthew Fernicola

THE EMOJI SONG- Best Experimental Music Video, Ben Rauch, Adam Volerich

THE GIFT- Best Music Video Story, Alex Ho

INSOMNIA- Best Documentarial Music Video, Olga and Andrii Andreiev


LIFE, LOVE, SEX & DEATH - Best Feature Screenplay, Gordon S. Williams

DON - Best Feature Drama Screenplay, Alberto Battistutti

HOBO - Best Horror Feature Screenplay, Henry Gravelle

FAST ASLEEP - Best Horror Short Screenplay, Patrick Gamble

BLACK INK PEARL- Best Sci-Fiction Feature Screenplay, Ruth Finnegan

FLYING BIRD’S DIARY - Best Historical Feature Screenplay, Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

LITTLE EARTHQUAKES - Best LGBT Drama Screenplay, Todd Bird

GOLD DIGGERS- Best Comedy Feature Screenplay, Ian Burns

TEN THOUSAND CAMELS - Best Short Screenplay,  Kent Flaagan


OCTAV Best Actor in Feature FilmMarcel Iures

THE SALESMAN - Best Actor in Short Film, Brent Podosek

UNVOICED - Best Actress in Short Film, Ilaria Malvezzi

THERE’S ALWAYS ONE - Best Ensemble Cast, Feature

ARSON - Best Ensemble Cast, Short

BROKERS - Best Ensemble Team, Best Web & New Media


TEN THOUSAND CAMELS - Best Sound Design, Nihan Yesil

TEN THOUSAND CAMELS - Best Soundtrack-Original Score, Nihan Yesil

JUST TO BE FRANK - Best Cinemotography Short, Bruce Wabbit

OCTAV - Best Feature Cinematography, Blasco Giurato

TEN THOUSAND CAMELS - Best Editing Short,  Hillary Larson



THE WAITING ROOM - Best Woman Director, Debra Markowitz

IN THE FIELD- Best Woman Producer, Tesia Walker

ST.JOSEPH - Best Woman filmmaker in short screenwriting, Kathrina Miccio

NORA EPHRON GOES TO PRISON - Best Women Theme Short film, Hannah Elless

UNDER PRESSURE - Best Young Filmmaker-Short film, Gabe Schmidt

NANA’S ROOM - Best Producer in Short Film, Mitch Roberson

ARSON - Best Director in Short Film-Drama, Christopher Ortiz

A DATE WITH SHILLELAGH - Best Producer-Foreign Short, Keith Large

OCTAV- Best Director in Feature Film, Serge Ioan Celebidachi

OCTAV- Best Producer in Feature Film, Adela Vrinceanu Celebidachi



ALIEN THREADS - Best Experimental Short-Video Art, Eva Ingolf

AN ART VIDEO- Best Video Art-Live Action, Steven Siegel


KOMMANDO 1944 - Grand Jury Award, Short Film, Derek Quick

EXPEND - Grand Jury Student Film Award, Bismark Fernandes

MINGLE - Grand Jury First Short Film Award, Ty Cooper

FATHER AND FATHER – Grand Jury Best Short Comedy Award, Mark Goldman

HE CALLS THEM ALL BY NAME- Best Short Drama , Chad Sogas

HALF AN HOUR CAFE - Grand Jury Award-Feature Screenplay, Eric Futterman

TEN THOUSAND CAMELS-Grand Jury Award-Best Actors-Michael Thayer, Daniel Fleming

NANA’S ROOM - Grand Jury Award, Best Woman Director in Short Film, Kaye Tuckerman

UNVOICED-  Grand Jury Award, Best Director in Short Film, Jeremiah Kipp

THE PHANTASMAGORIA OF OFFENSEGrand Jury Award-Best Experimental Documentary, Jessica Irish


OF A 6 - YEAR - OLD GIRL - Honorable Mention Short Documentary, Jessica Robles

THE FIXIES, TOP SECRET- Honorable Mention Feature Animation, Vasily Bedoshvili, Andrey Kolpin, Ivan Pshonkin

RIDING ON DUKE`S TRAIN-B -Honorable Mention Feature ScreeplayMick Carlon & Ken Kimmelman

GAP - Honorable Mention Foreign Short Fiction, Gazanfer Biricik

ONE,TWO,GUESS WHO'S WHO- Honorable Mention Feature-Cast & Crew 

THE BALKING DEAD-Honorable Mention, Short Animation, John Maslowski

THE CODEPENDENT THERAPIST-Honorable Mention Short Fiction, Tommy McInnis

THERE’S ALWAYS ONE - Honorable Mention Feature Film, George Massimillo

BENT ON SOMNOLENCE - Honorable Mention First Feature Film, Timothy McCarthy

ONE NATION UNDER GOD - Honorable Mention–Faith, Inspirational Feature, Lisa Arnold 

MEDITATION - Honorable Mention-Short  Experimental, Gilbrando Acevedo, Michael Leavy

THE LITTLEST UNDERTAKER - Honorable Mention-Short, Fantasy, Kevin Molohan

AT THE MERCY OF FAITH - Honorable Mention-Feature Screenplay, Samuel Taylor

I AM NOT THE HERO - Honorable Mention Short, Anurag Massey

FLOWERS - Honorable Mention Short Foreign Drama, Mina Maniska

ASH - Honorable Mention Short Student, Chen Lu

DROP POCKET-Honorable Mention Short Drama-Student, Margaux Hemard

PERCEPTIONS-Honorable Mention Best Actress, Eha Urbsalu 

DUMPLING- Honorable Mention, Short Story, Lauren Friedman

HEARTS THAT CROSS BORDERS- Honorable Mention Short Drama, Renee Stork, Anna Just

The Only Sad Person on the Beach- Honorable Mention, Short Foreign language Film, Lily Jiacheng Xu

THE NAKED TRUTH - Honorable Mention, Mid lenght Feature Comedy, Rick Herrera, Guru Enlightment

REPLACING YOSHI - Honorable Mention, Best Young Actress, Sasha Fedderly

Only 5 percent of Award Winning Films will be screened at the festival.

Please see our screening list.

 Attn: WINNERS 2018

If you or your representative cannot attend the award ceremony to receive your award.

We will be sending all awards after the ceremony by mail. You will be getting all info soon.

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