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MAN WITH SHADOW - Best Feature, Ema Kugler

GREEN FLAKE - Best First Feature, Mauli Junior Bonner

THE DARK DANCE - Best Foreign Feature, Mauro John Capece 

USED AND BORROWED TIME​ - Best Experimental Feature, Sophia Romma

ALICE AND THE LAND THAT WONDERS - Best Experimental Foreign Feature, Giulia Grandinetti 

HOME A PLACE OF BELONGING - Best Inspirational Feature, Yantra de Vilder 

ALASKA LONG HUNTERS - Best Feature Documentary, Mark Rose 

THE ONE AND ONLY JEWISH MISS AMERICA - Best Historical Documentary, David Arond 

APPALACHIAN TRAIL ODYSSEY, WITH "BULLDOG HANSEN" - Best Inspirational Documentary, Gary L. Steffens 


CALF ROPE - Best Short Film, Bradley Hawkins

PRIVATE EYE - Best Foreign Short, Jan Chałupka 

THE FIRST RESPONDER - Best Short Story, Ron Basci

EL ARRIMO - Best LGBT Short, Jaime Andrés Roa Ariza

FAKE NEWS - Best Short Animation, Joachim Weber

JOURNEY TO THE MOON'S NAVEL - Best Foreign Short Animation, Diana Cruz González

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT - Best Short Horror, George A. Velez

EXTRANEOUS MATTER - Best Foreign Short Comedy Horror, Kenichi Ugana 

RENDEZVOUS - Best Short Thriller, Seth Kozak

THE SERVICE - Best Short Dark Comedy, Austin Bowen 

WALLS - Best Mobile Short, John Druzba

THE TELL-TALE HEART - A MUSICABRE - Best Short Musical, Danny Ashkenasi

THE VOICE IN THE NIGHT - Best Student Short, Gabe Schmidt 

HANNYA - Best Student Short Story, Cameron Heo

LIZ IS FINE - Best First Time Filmmaker in Short Film, Christina Yvonne Rabago 



SWIPE LEFT: THE AGE OF DISPOSABLE RELATIONSHIPS - Best Short Documentary, Amber Ostergaard

TWO IMMIGRANTS. ONE INJUSTICE. - Best Historical Short Documentary, Jerry Kelleher

LA LOBERA - Best Inspirational Short Documentary, Claudio Escobar 

IN THE SAME DIRECTION: JEFF PIFHER & SOCRATES' TRIAL - Best Musical Short Documentary, Alexander Craven

SPEECH IS MORE THAN SPEAKING - Best Short Documentary / Social Subject, Jacob Vanderwerken

MERCY - Best Experimental Short, Robin Glass

TOMORROW - Best Foreign Experimental Short, Wisher Zhu

LIFE NOTES - Best Experimental Video Art, Lynn Bianchi 


PANDEMIC ZOOM - Best TV Short / Web & New Media, Julianna Pitt 

MIXED MOVIE - Best Short Web & New Media, Vasco Diogo


RELINQUISH - Best Music Video, Joshua Stasko

SWIMMING UPSTREAM - Best Mobile Music Video, Caren Messing


PULSE OF MY HEART - Best Feature Screenplay, Johnny Zito

THE SEEDLING - Best Drama Feature Screenplay, Kevin J. Howard  

GULLUN DRIFT - Best Action Feature Screenplay, Richard Clarke                                                                    

FACE PAINTERS - Best Historical Feature Screenplay, Giovanni Sanseviero

LOVE YOU TWO - Best Comedy Feature Screenplay, Jeff Goldstein 

BONES OF RIBBON - Best LGBT Feature Screenplay, Ashley Sanders 

BLUE SPICE QUEEN - Best Feature Television Screenplay, Dean Harakas

BLOOD MOON - Best Inspirational Feature Screenplay, Sara Hallowell 

BROOK FARM - Best First Time Screenwriter, Alexander Wake

SOMETHING LIKE THAT - Best Student Screenplay, AJ Maryn 

BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Best Short Screenplay, Patrick Kevin Gamble 

CLICK IT TO WIN IT - Best Short TV Screenplay, Andrew J Kirby 

GUS - Best LGBT Short Screenplay, Todd Bird 

ASHES TO ASHES - Best First Time Short Screenwriter, Julie Bretones 


GREEN FLAKE - Best Actress in Feature Film, Clotile Farkas

GREEN FLAKE - Best Actor in Feature Film, Yahosh Bonner

CALF ROPE - Best Actor in Short Film, Gorman Ruggiero

CALF ROPE - Best Supporting Actress in Short Film, Avery Kellington

CALF ROPE - Best Child Actor in Short Film, Lukas Barnett

FAMILY STORY - Best Actress in Short Film, Lily Suardi

PRIVATE EYE - Best Actor in Foreign Short Film, Mariusz Ostrowski

PRIVATE EYE - Best Supporting Actor in Foreign Short Film, Mariusz Jakus

GREEN FLAKE - Best Ensemble Cast, Feature

THE FIRST RESPONDER - Best Ensemble Cast in Short Film

FAMILY STORY - Best Ensemble Cast in Foreign Short Film

WE THE CHILDREN - Best Ensemble Cast in Short Documentary


ALEXANDRE THE FOOL / ALEXANDER ODYSSEY - Best Cinematography Feature, Pedro Pires

ALEXANDRE THE FOOL / ALEXANDER ODYSSEY - Best Editing Feature, Pedro Pires, Sylvia De Angelis, Sophie Leblond

GREEN FLAKE - Best Production Design Feature, Charles Willis, Brianna Mirmont

CALF ROPE - Best Cinematography Short, Sofia Monzerratt

CALF ROPE - Best Production Design Short, Lyndsey Hinkle

CALF ROPE - Best Soundtrack Short, Ellie Brooke & Bradley Hawkins

TOMORROW - Best Editing Short, Wisher Zhu

IMMORTAL - Best Sound Design in Short, Tiange Zhou



GREEN FLAKE - Best Director in Feature Film, Mauli Junior Bonner

GREED - Best Producers in Feature Film, Jon-Claire Lee, Asif Khan

MAN WITH SHADOW - Best Woman Filmmaker, Ema Kugler 

KING OF ANGELS - Best Producer in Short Film, Robert Sciglimpaglia

​IN BETWEEN THE WHITE SPACE - Best Director in Short Film, Tyler Mendelson


GREED - Grand Jury Award, Feature Film, Jon-Claire Lee

ALEXANDRE THE FOOL / ALEXANDER ODYSSEY - Grand Jury Award, Feature Documentary, Pedro Pires 

NEVERTHELESS - Grand Jury Award, Experimental Feature, Cedric van Eenoo

REVIEW - Grand Jury Award, Feature Screenplay, Jonathan Zarantonello

ALONG CAME WANDA - Grand Jury Award, Woman Screenwriter in Feature Screenplay, Jan Miller Corran

YOUNG BOY - Grand Jury Award, First Time Screenwriter in Feature Film, Rachel Jacob

FAMILY STORY - Grand Jury Award, Foreign Short, Rendro Aryo

HOMELAND HERO - Grand Jury Award, Short Documentary, Rahsaan Jones

MISS BOUNDLESS - Grand Jury Award, Woman Director in Short Film, Qiyu Zhou

WE THE CHILDREN - Grand Jury Award, Short Documentary - Student, Mark Leschinsky

EI8HTY-EI8HT - Grand Jury Award, Short Screenplay, Doug Maguire 

HELLO I MUST BE GOING - Grand Jury Award, Woman Screenwriter in Short Film, Sara Hallowell 

TERRORIST, THE - Grand Jury Award, First Time Screenwriter in Short Film, Kesari Bhattacharya


THE DENTAL PLAN - Honorable Mention, Thriller Feature, Wayne Diu

MALEFIC WONDER - Honorable Mention, Experimental Feature, Michael Seebold

OFFSTAGE - Honorable Mention, First Feature Film, Kirk Cameron

THE REAL THING - Honorable Mention, Feature Screenplay, Matthew Papadopoulos

THE PAIN-FREE DAY - Honorable Mention, Drama Feature Screenplay, Sarah Granger 

PLIGHT - Honorable Mention, Comedy Feature Screenplay, Ronald Sandoval 

SO MUCH I - Honorable Mention, Comedy Short Screenplay, AJ Maryn 

OUT OF OUR WINDOWS - Honorable Mention, Mobile Short, Prakash Gandhi Natarajan

IMMORTAL - Honorable Mention, Short / Web & New Media, Anna Borou Yu 

A STORMY NIGHT - Honorable Mention, Short Horror, Alec Dyer 

FIRST LIGHT - Honorable Mention, Short Animation, Amy Lee Ketchum 

ROOM - Honorable Mention, Short Student, Rinchen Drogha

AUTO - Honorable Mention, Short Story Student, Nick Barbeau, Alexander Wright

SAFE, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND THE SPECTRUM IS ENDLESS - Honorable Mention, Foreign Short Student, Joris Schoenmaeckers

PUT THE DEVIL BACK IN HELL - Honorable Mention, Short Experimental, Francesca Jandasek 

MANASANAMAHA - Honorable Mention, Short Foreign Experimental, Deepak Reddy

LIFE IS A TWO-WAY DREAM - Honorable Mention, Short Experimental - Mystery, Gjert Rognli

LIFTOFF - Honorable Mention, Short Experimental - SciFi, Pete Berger

WALKSCAPE - Honorable Mention, Short Experimental - Music Video, Vasco Diogo

MUSE OVER - Honorable Mention, Actor, William ' Bill ' Connor

RELINQUISH - Honorable Mention, Soundtrack, Meredith Cuddihy, Paul Cuddihy


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