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LOVE POSSIBLY - Best Romance-Comedy Feature, Michael Boccalini, Che Grant

ASPIRE TO THE SKY: THE WILSHIRE GRAND STORY - Best Inspirational Feature Documentary, Dilip Khatri

FORBIDDEN POWER - Best Sci-Fiction Feature, Paul Kyriazi

BOB FREEMAN: EXTERMINATOR FOR HIRE - Best Horror Comedy Feature, Jonathan Moss

TAKE YOUR DREAM - Best Foreign Documentary, E. W. Helmick

TAKE CARE OF EMILY - Best Women Theme Feature, Nicholas Rapuano, Corinne Britti


MY FATHER'S FABULOUS FUNERAL - Best Short Story, Judy Copeland

WITHIN AND WITHOUT - Best Short Film, Frank S. Petrilli

OPEN - Best Short Script, Ilaria Malvezzi

AVENGEMENT - Best Short Action, Edward V. Turner, Edgar Jimz   

TRIANGLE BELOW CANAL STREET - Best Short Drama Student, Nicholas Kennedy

MY FATHER'S FABULOUS FUNERAL - Best Short Comedy, Mark Stolzenberg


THE CHART - Best Short Romance, Kimberley Hellen, Mario Candelaria, Tara Cannistraci

ARCH-RIVAL - Best Short Animation Story, Liu Qiang 

THE SPIRIT SEAM - Best Short Animation, Ashley Gerst

MIMI MEETS BOOKS - Best Foreign Short Animation, Yih-Fen Chou

STAMENIGMA - Best SciFi / Futuristic Short, Joey Angerone

WHEN THE DUST CLEARS - Best Historical Short Drama, Joshua Williams

THE NOTHING - Best Short Horror, Alex Torres

FATE ALCHEMY - Best Short Dark Comedy, Ace Blankenship

HEROIC - Best High School Student Film, Gabe Schmidt

PLAY - Best Foreign Short Student, Piotr Sulkowski

LIP - Best Youth Short, Nathaniel Potvin, Raymond Cham Jr.

WHEN I LOVED HER - First Short Film Award, Andrea Lynn Nash


THE RETURN - Best Short Documentary, Jon Fish

WHO SAID YOU CAN'T DANCE - Best Short inspirational Documentary, David Block

WE WERE HARDLY MORE THAN CHILDREN - Best Short Documentary: Women Rights Subject,  Cecelia Condit

THE HYERS SISTERS' DREAM & LEGACY - Best Historical Documentary Short, Susheel Bibbs

Young & Naive - Best Experimental / Social subject, Tuesday Conner, Phil Tyler

DREAM NO.37,091 - Best Experimental Short Student, Jon Reitzel

LOVE LIVES IN A VOID - Best Experimental Short, Johnny Zito


The Odyssey of the AOR - Best TV Short / Web & New Media, Joshua Burdick, Jimmy Chelta

TRAILER PARK WORLD - BLIND DATE - Best LGBT Short Web / New Media, Luis Garcia

MEZZA MORTA PREQUEL - Best Short Web / New Media, Jo Anna Van Thuyne

GAME OF SOULS - Best Foreign Short Web / New Media, Max Körner

NONUNION GIRL - Best Comedy Webisode, Darby Puckett


WEAPONIZED - Best Music Video Story, James O'Brien

THERAPY - Best Experimental Music Video, Lindsay Guion, Dame Pierre II

THE SUN IS RISING - Best Documentarial Music Video, Lloyd Frost

AnoMiC - Best Trailer, Hugo Teugels

COMIC OOPS TONIC - Best TV Pilot, Grigoriy Mironova

THE MAGIC SHED - Best Television Short Director, Andrew Carnwath


AT THE MERCY OF FAITH - Best Horror Feature Screenplay, Samuel Taylor

bGONE - Best Sci-Fiction Feature Screenplay, Scott Marshall Taylor

LAJJAWATI - Best Feature Screenplay, Sumathy Ram, Charles Leopardo

PAD 41 - Best Historical Feature Screenplay, John Choate

JACKIE RAE - Best LGBT Drama Screenplay, Kip Pearson

PLATFORMS: USING YOUR PAGEANTRY VOICE FOR A CAUSE - Best First Time Screenwriter, Ricardo Soto

UBE BUBOG: SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS - Best Action Feature Screenplay, Sway Stagall

A LADY OF VASSAR - Best Short  Web / New Media Screenplay, Anthony Cortez Fernandez

WHAT’S TO COME - Best Short TV Screenplay, Jake Hunter & April Wright

THE SQUIRRELS IN THE ATTIC - Best Short Screenplay, Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

ALWAYS HOPE - Best Inspirational Short Screenplay, Janice Walker


WITHIN AND WITHOUT - Best Actor in Short Film, Robert J. Sciglimpaglia

LIP - Best Youth Actors in Short Film, Nathaniel Potvin, Raymond Cham Jr.

WITHIN AND WITHOUT - Best Youth Actresses in Short Film, Gigi Cesare, Clio Contogenis

ENOPTROMANCY, or When We Meet As One - Best Ensemble Cast, Feature

AVENGEMENT- Best Ensemble Cast in Short Film

The Odyssey of the AOR - Best Ensemble Cast TV/ Web & New Media

SOCial MEDia MADness - Best Ensemble Team, Web & New Media

TAKE CARE OF EMILY - Best Actress in Feature Film, Corinne Britti

TAKE CARE OF EMILY - Best Supporting Actress in Feature Film, Samantha Mary Watkins


ASPIRE TO THE SKY: THE WILSHIRE GRAND STORY - Best Editing Feature, Lauren Freedman, Alisa Khosrovschahi

WITHIN AND WITHOUT - Best Cinematography Short, Mario Garciduenas

TIME CRISIS - Best Editing Short, Zhenning Yang



ENOPTROMANCY, or When We Meet As One - Best Producer in Feature Film, Michael Seebold

FOR WHILE - Best Woman Filmmaker, Jessica Irish

MY NAME IS RICHARD - Best Woman filmmaker in Short Screenwriting, Mina Maniska

AVENGEMENT - Best Producer in Short Film, Edward V. Turner, Edgar Jimz

WITHIN AND WITHOUT - Best Director in Short Film, Frank S. Petrilli

Tei Tei - Best Young Filmmaker Short film,  Mark Leschinsky



SATURN RETURNS - Best Experimental Video Art, Daniel Siegelman

FOR WHILE - Best Video Art Animation, Jess Irish

DARE 2 DISTURB - Best Virtual Reality, Paul Rees


1000 - THE SWORD IN THE STONE - Grand Jury Award, Feature Screenplay, Guido Maria Giordano

OFF POINT - Grand Jury Award, Woman Screenwriter in Short Film, Laura Frenzer

THE CHASE - Grand Jury Award, Short Screenplay, Jeffrey Morin

SNOW IN THE SUMMER - Grand Jury Award, Short Animation, Daun Han

GIFTS OF LIFE - Grand Jury Award, Short Documentary, Michael Drucker

In the Wake of the Cedar Tree - Grand Jury First Short Film Award, Towustasin Mycorrhiza 

VICTOR!! – Grand Jury Award, Short Comedy, James Zeiss

UNDER THE WHALE - Grand Jury Award, Experimental Documentary, James Martin

SOCial MEDia MADness - Grand Jury Award, Web & New Media, Michael Delaney, Jeremy Gibson, Eric De Carvalho

LOVE LIVES IN A VOID - Grand Jury Award, Best Actor, Johnny Zito

LOVE LIVES IN A VOID - Grand Jury Award, Best Actress, Nannette Deasy

MY DREAM GOES ALL THE WAY TO IRAN - Grand Jury Award, Best Woman Director in Short Film,

Negar Mojtahedi


ARe. - Honorable Mention, Feature Animation, Creation Chip

NEARFALL- Honorable Mention, Feature Screenplay, Ronny Jay

NO MAXIMAL DOSE - Honorable Mention, Feature Drama Suspense, Randy Ayres

IT’S GOOD TO BELIEVE IN GOD - Honorable Mention, Foreign Feature, GAO ZHI, XIAO AN

EVENING INSTALLATION - Honorable Mention, First Feature Film, Tatiana Sokolova

NIGHT OF THE RUMPUS - Honorable Mention, Horror Feature Film, Jorge Torres-Torres

INDIAN BILLY ICE - Honorable Mention, Screenplay, Jerry Ice

IF LIFE KICKS YOU - Honorable Mention, Short Screenplay, Iris May

Darshan - Blessings of Saints - Honorable Mention, Short Documentary, Burt Chojnowski

SHADOWLAND - Honorable Mention, Foreign Short Animation, bellopropello

FOR LILY - Honorable Mention, Short Thriller, Zane Morrow

EAVESDROPPING - Honorable Mention, Short Mystery Drama, George A. Velez

IN AN EMPTY WOOD - Honorable Mention, Short Animation, Chia-Hsin Lee

The Straight Man - Honorable Mention, Short Fiction, Paul Laudicano

COP-DOC - Honorable Mention, Short Action, Victor Verhaeghe, Doug Bost

THE PLAYER - Honorable Mention, Short Experimental, Justy G

STUCK - Honorable Mention, Short Romance, Youngbin Yang

KANPAI - Honorable Mention, Short Comedy, Haruko Fujimoto

UNTITLED (SANS TITRE) - Honorable Mention, Short Foreign Drama, Clément de Dadelsen

THAT GOOD NIGHT - Honorable Mention, Short Story, Robert Rosenbaum

I RESIGN - Honorable Mention, Short Drama, Jay Mohan

THE SPRINGS COUNTY PSYCHO - Honorable Mention, Short Horror, Christopher Stem

VISUAL CONCEPT ALBUM - Honorable Mention, Music Video, Kaia Kena

LOVER AND A GIVER - Honorable Mention, Music Video, Jordan Siwek, Sebastian Rivera

EASY - Honorable Mention, Student, Slav Velkov

Vladimir to Walter - Honorable Mention, Short Documentary, Aaron Kelly-Penso

THE FIRST RESPONDER , Honorable Mention, Producer, Ron Basci

THE FIRST RESPONDER , Honorable Mention, Actor, Chris Thompson

D'ART SANTA BARBARA - RANDOM EXPLORATIONS - Honorable Mention, Mid Length Documentary, Larry Nimmer

 Attn: WINNERS 2019

If you or your representative cannot attend the award ceremony to receive your award.

We will be sending all awards after the ceremony by mail. You will be getting all info soon.

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