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To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:


* ANY Country(ies) of Production which has been completed after January 2016.


*Short Films must be no more than 40 minutes in length including credits.


*Feature films must be no less than 59 minutes in length including credits. If your film is not meeting these criterias, still welcome to submit it.


*All non-English language films must have legible English language subtitles.


All films will be considered for each category that any film submitted for "American Filmatic Arts Awards" will be judged by our jurors and committee to apply one  to another award whic may be best fit. 

So the filmmakers have to be submitted only for 2 category for now. As Short and Feature film and then jury will make the best decision for the award.


*All films must have been completed after January 2016. 


 Only completed projects will be accepted. Filmmaker or distributor must have obtained all clearances for exhibition and must certify that the work is original and no disputes regarding ownership exist on the film.


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