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American Filmatic Arts Awards is an organization focused on Independent Films internationally.

It is organized annually to revive & celebrate Indie cinema and new filmmakers worldwide in the USA.


It consist of more than 20 jurors who are in the field as film critics, filmmakers, industry professionals, distributors and producers internationally and We strongly believe in that all unique films deserve to get a review by film professionals and 

new filmmakers have to be encouraged and applaud for their filmatic visions.           

Founded by New York Eurasian Film Festival & USA Independent Film Festival directors;

Hakki Subentekin & Yuliya Tikhonova.

American Filmatic Arts Awards intends to discover contemporary Independent cinema, to restore and to create a new cinematic culture in response to the rapid changes in media seen in the 21st century. 

AFAA presents the international competition section to find potential cinema artist and discover new indie films to be classic in the future. 

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