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                                 SCREENING LIST

                                       DECEMBER 3-8, 2017


The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle, Best Feature, Best Women Director, Fran Burst-Terranella

Safe Harbor Amsterdam -Best First Feature Film Award, Best Ensemble Feature Cast, Jack Luceno  

Lend a Hand- Best Foreign Comedy Feature, Best Costume design,  Raffaella Covino

Spent- Best Feature Comedy, Best Producer, Lisa Mikitarian

Torments of Love - Best Foreign Feature, Caroline Jules, Best Feature Cinematography, Stéphane Patti Caroline Jules

Short Films

The Example - Best Short Historical Fiction, Wyatt Cagle, Gordon S. Williams, Kenneth Dupuis

New Neighbors - Best Short Film, Honorable Mention-Best Actress,  E.G. Bailey, Sha Cage

Believers - Best Original Short Story, Stephen M. Hunt

A big Love - Best Foreign Short, Best Cinematography, Short, Max Chicco

Cheaters - Best Short Foreign Comedy, Jarrad Bhatia

The Love Suckers Best Short Comedy, Jim Politano

Invisible Eyes - Best Foreign Short Student, Gustavo Sani

The Barber's Cut - Best Short Horror Comedy, Best Art Direction, Mark Brocking

Triangle - Best SciFi Short, Christopher Fox

The Family Blend! - Best Short Animation, Sebastian Foxworth

Memoire - Best Animation Short Student, Collin McAtee

Mum, I'm back - Best LGBT Short Foreign, Dimitris Katsimiris

Bereavement - Best Foreign Short Drama, Yolanda Roman

Surviving International Boulevard: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking-Best Short Documentary/

Social subject , Sian Taylor Gowan

My Name is Joan - Best Short Documentary, Margaret Stapor Costa

Not Waving - Best Experimental Foreign Short, Freya Billingto

PM 2.5​ - Best Foreign Environmental Subject Short, Piotr Biedroń

anexperimentalviralvlog - Best Short Video Art / Web / New Media , Vasco Diogo

The Old Man by Indigorado - Best Foreign Music Video, Kenneth Aakerland Berg

Pajero (The Wanker:) -Best Director Foreign Short ComedyAitor Gonzalez Iturbe -  Best Actor Foreign Short Film, Javier Chueca 

116 - Best Actress in Short film, Julia Campanelli 

Listen - Best Foreign Director, Short, Niko Mikadze, Best Foreign Youth Actor, Mathieu Denesle

Good 'n Screwed -  Best women filmmaker in short screenwriting, Joanna Bonaro, Best Ensemble Cast, Short

Forward - Best Women Theme Short film, Cole Sax

Balloon Ride - Grand Jury Award, Best  Short  Animation, Evan Hughes

The Buzzing of a Bumblebee - Grand Jury Student Film Award, Vladimir Beldian

My Pretty Pony - Best Foreign Short-Grand Jury Award, Maciej Barczewski

Long Yearning - Honorable Mention Foreign Short Experimental Documentary, Elliot Spencer

New Song - Best Virtual Reality, Kate Gardner

Dear Filmmakers, we will announce all line up, screening schedule and ceremony details very soon.

We still make our best arrangements with our venues and screening program.

Screenings & Ceremony dates December 3-8 , 2017

Please notice that WE WILL CONTACT you regarding all screening details of your film.

If your award winning film is not listed in the screening list; we will send you all details for the award ceremony by Nov.17, Friday.

We would love to see you at the ceremony.

If you cannot attend the ceremony, we will deliver your award in December after the festival.

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