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Line Up & Schedule 

5.00 pm - Reception

5.45 pm - Screening of Selected Films


SNOW IN THE SUMMER - Grand Jury Award, Short Animation, Daun Han, USA, in Korean with English subtitles  7:15


UNDER THE WHALE - Grand Jury Award, Experimental Documentary, James Martin, USA  11:00


WITHIN AND WITHOUT - Best Short Film, Frank S. Petrilli, USA  20:00

Best Director in Short Film, Frank S. Petrilli,

Best Actor in Short Film, Robert J. Sciglimpaglia, 

Best Youth Actresses in Short Film, Gigi Cesare, Clio Contogenis, 

Best Cinematography Short, Mario Garciduenas  


WEAPONIZED - Best Music Video Story, James O'Brien, USA  4:17


AVENGEMENT - Best Short Action, Best Ensemble Cast in Short Film, Best Producer in Short Film, 

Edward V. Turner, Edgar Jimz, USA  12:50


YOUNG & NAIVE - Best Experimental / Social subject, Tuesday Conner, Phil Tyler, USA  4:41

FOR WHILE - Best Woman Filmmaker, Best Video Art Animation, Jessica Irish, USA  1:05


WHEN THE DUST CLEARS - Best Historical Short Drama, Joshua Williams, USA  11:00

MY FATHER'S FABULOUS FUNERAL - Best Short Story, Judy Copeland, Best Short Comedy, 

Mark Stolzenberg, USA  15:00

GIFTS OF LIFE - Grand Jury Award, Short Documentary, Michael Drucker, USA  13:28

Followed by Award Ceremony

Screenings & Ceremony at ST.FRANCIS COLLEGE’s Founders Hall

St.Francis College

180 Remsen Street. Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

February 9, Sunday

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