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ELEANOR SLAUGHTER - Best Comedy Feature, Chris Chan Roberson *

WESTERMARCK EFFECT - Best Drama Feature, Saara Lamberg *

CANCER/EVOLUTION: The Dustbin of History - Best Feature Documentary, Maggie Jones, Brad Jones*

SOPHIA - Best Foreign Feature, Efriem Kahsay Quada*

LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI - Best Foreign Romance-Fantasy Feature, Nikolay Bogomilov*


HAMLEYED - Best Short Fiction, Pedro Blanco-Uribe

THE ANIMAL - Best Short Animation, Dana Leigh Snyder
THE CLASS ANALYSIS - Best Short Sci-Fi, Jim Politano, Webb Pickersgill
PENNY - Best Short Thriller, Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
             - Best Short Fantasy, Patricia Delso Lucas

WHO'S AFRAID OF SHORTY VIRGINIA ? - Best Short Dark Comedy, Levon Manoukian*

?A TOUCH OF MAGIC - Best Short Story, Shane LeCocq, John F Daniel *

THE TROXLER EFFECT - Best Short Experimental, Daryl Sparkes *

LOLA - Best Foreign Short Drama, Nic Furlong*

ALLEGRO CONFUSO - Best Foreign Short Comedy, Clément de Dadelsen*

JUDAS KISS - Best Foreign Short Fiction, Elvin Ahmadoglu*

?…der Flitter graut. Es bleibt Verpasstes übrig. - Best Foreign Short Experimental, Carsten Fuhrmann, Mark Klotz *

THE TO-DON'T LIST - Best Student Short Film, David J Porras*


FUNKBOY - Best First Short Film Award, Ian O'Boyle

PETER THE CATERPILLAR - Best Student Short Animation, Elizabeth Kirshtein

VAL (-E-REE) - Best LGBT Short, Samantha D Lavin

AMADI COMES HOME - Best Women Empowerment Film, Julie Asriyan, Jessica Burgess


? ONE PILL CAN KILL - Best Short Documentary, Molly Hermann, Rob Lyall *

PERSONS SET APART - Best Student Short Documentary, Gabe Schmidt*

NEVER FADE AWAY - Best Musical Documentary Short, Donna Weng Friedman*


YOUR LOVING SON, HENRY - Best Historical Short Documentary, Matthew McLaughlin
Best Inspirational Short Documentary, Patrick Guthrie
Best Short Documentary / Social Subject, Emmitt Thrower 

THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM - A MUSICABRE - Best Experimental Short, Danny Ashkenasi



S.Q.U.A.DBest TV Short, Ethan William Cyr, Carlos Jose Lavezzari, Dakota Holmes-Dodge *

CAM GIRL - Season 1  Episode 2 - Best Web / New Media - Short, Ian Gregory Trutt *

 - Best Music Video, 

raison d'être - Best Experimental Music Video, Shananjit Thiara *


DOG BITES MAN - Best Feature Screenplay, Frederick Kirwin *

MOKSHA - Best Feature LGBT Screenplay, Saurin Lakhia *

SACRED SUN - Best Sci-Fiction Horror Feature Screenplay, Michael Louis Gould*

BOUNCE - Best First Time Screenwriter, Christopher Manydeeds *

MOON STUDENTS - Best Ensemble Cast, Feature Film

A TOUCH OF MAGIC - Best Ensemble Cast in Short Film *

VAL (-E-REE) - Best Actress in Short Film, Maryfrances Careccia

NIGHT VOICES - Best Actor in Short Film, Gorman Ruggiero*

ONCE UPON A TIME ON BORDER - Best Actor in Foreign Short Film, Umut Ulas Er*


FUNKBOY - Best Editing, Connor Morgan, Rich Imburgio

HAMLEYED - Best Cinematography, Nevil Guerra 

CINE HIDALGO - Best Sound Design, Rafael Ruiz
AMLEYED Best Production Design, Erasmo Colon
MUSART - Best Soundtrack, Kira Zeeman Rugen
 - Best Costume Design, Miguel Penaranda Olmeda, Mary Wiklander Williams
A HAIRCUT FOR THE HINA DOLL - Best Make-up Design, Yanagi Nobuto, Minami, Harada Maho

MOON STUDENTS - Best Director in Feature Film, Daniel Patrick Holland

1991. WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR? Best Producer in Feature Film, Drazen Hrzenjak

ACERBITY - Best Director in Short Film, Edgar Jimz, Artemus Cole*

ONCE UPON A TIME ON BORDER - Best Producer in Short Film, Umut Ulas Er*

THE DARK SIDE OF PET BREEDING - Best Young Filmmakers, Asher Anantham, Alana Keira Anantham, Zarina Penn Aronson*

PEOPLE IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE - Best Director in Foreign Short Film, Minoru Mizoguchi *

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE - Best Producer in Foreign Short Film, Mofieni Iniya



?THE PICKLEBALL KILLER - Grand Jury Award, Feature Screenplay, Jim Carroll *

THROUGH LIFE AND DEATH - Grand Jury Award, Foreign Feature, Qing Chang*

CENTO QUATRO OR ARTICLE 104Grand Jury Award, Foreign Short, Efriem Kahsay Quada*

ACERBITY - Grand Jury Award, Short Action, Edgar Jimz, Artemus Cole*

NIGHT VOICES - Grand Jury Award, Short Drama, Bradley Hawkins*

LITTLE YELLOW FLOWER - Grand Jury Award, Short Experimental, Chien-Ping Lin*

THE NEW GUARD - Grand Jury Award, Woman Screenwriter, Sophia Flot-Warner

LAJJAWATI: A LOVE STORY FROM INDIA - Grand Jury Award, Feature Screenplay, Sumathy Ram, Charles Leopardo

GRID DOWN, POWER UP - Grand Jury Award, Documentary Feature, David Tice

GPS - Grand Jury Award, Woman Director in Short Film, Nell Dashiell

MUSART - Grand Jury Award, Short Musical Documentary, Kevin Hanzlik, Randall Vemer

AVAILABLE POSITION - Grand Jury Award, Best Actor, Umut Ulas Er


AHOY FOR JOY - Honorable Mention, Feature Screenplay, Keith Reilly *

?CARNEGIE'S CALL - Honorable Mention, Feature Screenplay, Ryan J Skinner *

LIAR-IN-CHIEF: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist - Honorable Mention, Feature Documentary, M Kaplan *

?COSMOS ON THE ALLEY Honorable Mention, Foreign LGBT Short, 憲和 小田 *

DER BRUDER - Honorable Mention, Foreign Short, Jeremias Zeh*

THE BOTTLE COLLECTOR - Honorable Mention, Short, Leopold Vincent Medley*

I AM - Honorable Mention, Short Experimental, Marcus Graham*

LIVE FROM THE MULTIVERSE - Honorable Mention, Short Comedy, Gabe Schmidt *

?STAY BEHIND - Honorable Mention, Student Short, Andreana Loukidis *

ALLEGRO CONFUSO - Honorable Mention, Short Fiction, Giorgio Arcelli Fontana*

THE TABLEHERDER - Honorable Mention, Short Dark Comedy, Aleksandr Tretiakevich*

MOONLIGHT STREET - Honorable Mention, Short Story - Student, Margaux Staten-Lusty *

SIDELINED - Honorable Mention, First Time Filmmaker, Romain Fleury *


THE CHIEF OF NASH VALLEY & THE SAGA CONTINUES - Honorable Mention, Feature Drama, Aundra' Michael Segrest
Honorable Mention, Feature Comedy, Taylor Page

THE PRIORY OF SION PUBLISHED BY EDITIONS EDILIVRE IN FRANCE - Honorable Mention, Feature Screenplay, Florence Cazebon-Taveau

A SCRAPBOOK OF WHAT'S YOURS - Honorable Mention, Feature Experimental, Darryl Ashton

THIS IS WHAT NEW YORKERS SAY - Honorable Mention, Feature Documentary, Sara Alessandrini

NESSELRODE - Honorable Mention, Comedy Feature Screenplay, Jim Norman

LUSEA - Honorable Mention, Short Animation, Carly Dessain, Ashley Rose Reiner

OUTPATIENT - Honorable Mention, Short Drama, Joseph Samuel Meyerson

AWKWARD SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS - Honorable Mention, Short Comedy, Brian Broeckelma

EYES OF GOD - Honorable Mention, Short Thriller, Leah Lin

SALVATION - Honorable Mention, Short Story, Zane

- Honorable Mention, Short Student, 

ASIAN AMERICAN VOICES - Honorable Mention, Short Student Documentary, Sharon Lo

TO BE LIKE YOU - Honorable Mention, Director, Meredith Esquivel

DRIVE - Honorable Mention, Producer, Robert Monegan

 - Honorable Mention Actor, Al Nazemian

EMILY WHITE - EARLY MONDAY - Honorable Mention, Music Video, Hunter Heath

PERFECTLY NUMB - Honorable Mention, LGBT Short, Fraser John Richardson, David Lewis Richardson 

LIKE A POWERPOINT - Honorable Mention, Short Romance, Pat Bradley, Melanie Gretchen

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